Re: Waste Management Trash Services


Once again, Waste Management charged an extra $225 for overloaded dumpster(s) driving the costs up exponentially, and neutralizing board's efforts to control cyclical costs.  We hate to beg, but please, please stop doing this!


Over the course of the weekend, someone discarded an entire wooden bed into the north lot dumpster.  There were other very large items that were placed on top of this, causing the lid to be unable to close.  These overage charges from carelessness are costing the association a lot of extra money we would prefer to spend elsewhere.  The City of Phoenix has large trash pickup cycles periodically (one happening soon) that would allow folks to put bundled large trash in the alley for pickup during the week before.  Waste Management is a private company and makes no such provision for large trash.

Please be courteous of your neighbors, and if that's not enough incentive, please be mindful that these costs get spread back to everyone here.



Our most recent Waste Management bill was hit with $150 in overage charges for overloading on 12/16/22.   In times of runaway inflation, we must do everything in our power to control costs.  This spikes our bill to a whopping $623!

We urge you to be conscientious and make sure your neighbors are aware of this.  

Thank you for helping us control our expenses.  It's in our best interest to do so.