Help preserve our Property Values

The Association pays landscapers to maintain landscape plants, and a porter service to help maintain the pool area.  But Owners and Residents who are willing are encouraged to assist with day-to-day property maintenance efforts.  Here are some ways you can demonstrate solidarity, help control costs, and make sure our community remains a clean and pleasant (and affordable) place to live. 

Here are a few ways you can help meet this objective:

  • Waste Management charges overage charges when dumpsters in the North and South Lots are overloaded.  These are now $150 each occurrence.  Please flatten boxes and take other steps to make sure trash dumpsters are not overflowing.  It's expensive and unsightly.
  • Our porter visits the site and picks up several times each month.  You can help by picking up litter and refuse you find in and around your property in between these visits.  
  • Pet owners, please pick up after your pets.  If your dog has a barking habit, consider the people who live around you and take steps to control this problem.  Be considerate of others.
  • Please park in designated parking for your unit.  If/when you have guests, please direct them to open parking spaces.
  • Dumpsters in the West lots are for the exclusive use of our community.  Please help keep this affordable by not overloading dumpsters with large trash.  Bag and tie all waste, and make sure it fits inside the dumpster.  Close the dumpster lid when you are finished.
  • We love kids, but we discourage artwork on exterior walls--chalk or otherwise.  This tends to invite unwelcome (and more permanent graffiti).
  • We love to see holiday decorations within our community.  We ask that residents who decorate make sure these things are not encroaching on neighboring properties, and kindly remove them within a reasonable time following the holiday.
  • When walking the property, please bring maintenance issues such as water leaks or security lighting needing bulb replacement to the attention of the board. 
  • Check the website for updates, meeting notices, and other essential information.  Help us make this a better resource with your suggestions.
  • Contact the Phoenix Police Department non-emergency line at 602-262-6151 if you see something warranting attention such as trespassing or vandalism.  And of course, call 911 if unauthorized person(s) invade your patio,  courtyard or vehicle and refuse to leave.
  • Make sure you submit a written request to the board for any improvements to your property that may alter the look of the exteriors.   The association has the responsibility to make sure the architectural integrity of the complex is maintained.
  • Finally, if you are willing to participate as a board member, we encourage your participation.  Elections are held each November.