Property History & Stats

Bristol Court Condominiums began construction in the mid-1960s.  Though 79 units were slated for development under the original plan (Book 109 Pg 6, recorded 8/6/1965) the plans were amended March 1966 (Book 111, Pg 2 recorded 4/1/66) to increase the size of the condos and reduce the total density of the project to 46 units once completed.  These were constructed as for-sale dwellings under a condominium regime which included a 1/46th share in the common elements in 1966. 

As metropolitan Phoenix grew, the neighborhoods and commercial development surrounding Bristol Court expanded, turning 19th Avenue into a major corridor.  When the City of Phoenix Metro Light Rail system expanded north from Christown Mall to Dunlap Avenue, Bristol Court lost twelve of its units bordering 19th Avenue to accommodate the Station at Northern Avenue.  This further reduced the size of the complex to 34 condominium units in total where it remains to this day.